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Want to stay myopic after cataract surgery.



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Joined: Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:37 am

Post Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:31 pm

Want to stay myopic after cataract surgery.

Specs4ever's story http://www.vision-and-spex.com/is-there-more-t786.html reminded me of this.

I'm a -6 range presbyopic myope who's probably having cataract surgery in the next year. I have a -9 range friend who's probably looking at surgery a year or two after me.

We were talking about post-surgery vision. We've both been nearsighted almost all of our lives and care a lot more about seeing things very close than at a distance.

I wouldn't mind ending up in the -3 to -4 range (and I could handle -10 vision better than +1). I haven't seen an ophthalmologist yet but when I talked to my optometrist (who had lasik), she understood but wasn't very encouraging about much more than monovision targeting needing a -.50 for distance and -1.50 for intermediate.

Will I have to search for a surgeon who understands a patient whose near vision is much more important than distance?


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Post Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:12 am

Re: Want to stay myopic after cataract surgery.

My experience with cataract surgery , on both eyes , the ophthalmologist assistant checked me on a machine I am not familiar with .
Before my surgery I was + 4.25 .now i am + 1.25 and my astigmatism.
I think you have to talk to your surgeon .
I live in Ontario Can.and my optometrist sends me to the surgeon they use, so I have no choice.
I think if you are lucky you may find a surgeon to do what you ask.
I don t see any reason why they should not. All they do is suck out the old lens and put in a new one .
I hope you get your wish full filled .


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Post Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:28 am

Re: Want to stay myopic after cataract surgery.

I have had cataract surgery. I was very nearsighted my whole adult life at -10 with astigmatism -3 at it's worst. The astigmatism lowered probably from wearing hard plastic then RGP contact lenses to about -2. Only when my vision worsened first in my right eye from the cataract did the prescription in that eye advance to -10.50 astigmatism -1.75. The ophthalmologist who did the cataract surgery was absolutely great. I had to keep my contact out for about two months in my right eye so that my cornea could stabilize so the doctor could get the replacement lens to be inserted the correct power. My vision then with my strong glasses was awful thus I wore a contact lense in my left eye only and really couldn't see in my other eye until after the surgery with the new lens and then it miraculously read the
20/30 line and one or two letters of the 20/25 line. My left eye surgery was over a year later as what cataracts I developed later. The cornea in my left eye stabilised in a few days but my contact lense was out 1 1/2 months as my checkups were far apart. The assistant informed me I could wear that lens again until surgery day. The ophthalmologist made the replacement lens weaker for distance vision so I could read with that eye. After surgery my left eye's vision was not great and over 6-8 weeks reached 20/40 in that eye but I can read my smart phone with that eye thus I did not absolutely need glasses. Of course I do read better with prescription glasses for reading as apparently I'm still slightly nearsighted in my left eye with astigmatism of about -1 both eyes. I did eventually get distance glasses again. I can see with no glasses or contacts on but I see clearer and further with glasses. Your ophthalmologist will listen to your request and most likely will also make one replacement lense weaker so that you can read. I doubt that he/she will intentionally aim to keep you nearsighted. From their perspective they want you to have the best vision possible. It's still very likely that you could remain somewhat nearsighted as 20/20 vision after cataract surgery is often hard to attain.

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