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I think I have a glasses fetish now!

You were prescribed glasses, now wear them!!!

We are a sports loving family, my dad coaches our little league team which keeps me [Jeff] and my brother Logan busy during the summer vacation.
My mother and my sister Ashley do a lot of exercising to stay in good shape.
Because my mother is myopic and wears glasses, she makes sure we always have a yearly eye exam before we go back to school, she wants us to have perfect vision.
Ashley will be going to high school, I will be going to high school next year and Logan is a year behind me.
We are having a great summer and will be going back to school in a couple of weeks.

Eye exam time, the optometrist told me there was no real change in my vision, Logan s vision is fine.
Ashley was not very happy, she was told she is myopic and has to wear glasses.
She does not want to wear glasses, she wants to wear contact lenses, how can she go to high school wearing glasses, and look like a dork.
My mother told her, that the optometrist had mentioned to her that with your type of eyes, we have to buy the most expensive contact lenses.
Sorry, we cannot afford them, you were prescribed glasses, and now make sure you wear them!.
You will appreciate your improved vision, and it won t take you long to get used to wearing glasses and appreciate you improved vision.
There will be lots of other kids going to high school wearing glasses..
It took a while before Ashley selected a frame she liked.
When her glasses were ready and she put them on could not believe how well she could see.
I think she looks good wearing glasses, we all complimented her on her new look and I think she feels a little better now, having to wear glasses.
Ashley sure was happy when her best friend Kelley came to see her, and surprised her when she came in wearing glasses.
Ashley was so happy that Kelley is now wearing glasses, now she feels much better about having to wear glasses going to a new school, she is not the only one.

Time goes fast and before we realize it, spring is here.
Logan and I play catch in the backyard to get ready for the baseball season.
I finished the school year with a very good report card, it sure helps to always sit near the front of the class, and doing my homework.

The baseball season has started.
We all think we have a pretty good team., we will find out to morrow when we play our first game.
The game has started, I am playing in the outfield.
My first at bat I struck out, that pitcher was good, I just could not see that ball coming.
The worst part was that I missed catching a ball, that I should have caught, and the other team scored and won the game.
My dad asked me what happened, I told him that I did not see the ball till the last minute and was not able to catch it.
That night at home, my mother heard the story of me not seeing the ball coming, and striking out three times.
My mother stood up, I think I know what your problem is, and asked me to come to the window with her, when she walked past Ashley asked her for her glasses.
When I stood at the window looking out, my mother asked me to read the number on the house across the street.
I told her I could not see the number, she said here try these glasses.
When I put Ashley s glasses on had no problem reading the number.
Well, now we all know what my problem is, I need to wear glasses.
I looked around some more while wearing Ashley s glasses, and could not believe that wearing glasses made that much difference, and how well I could see.

I have an eye appointment today.
I know I will be prescribed glasses, but how is a guy going to play ball an other sports wearing glasses.
I don t like the idea of me wearing glasses.
The optometrist told me, your vision has changed quite a bit since your last exam, and asked how much did you grow since your last exam?
I told him I had grown almost two inches.
Well you will have to wear your glasses all the time, you are myopic, and have some astigmatism.
Here is your prescription, right eye – 1.25, the left eye – 1.00 and the astigmatism correction.
It took me a while to find a frame that I liked, and would be suitable to wear when playing sports.
When my glasses were ready and I put them on, was speechless, I could see everything so much better.
Being able to see so well makes me feel a lot better about having to wear glasses.

At the next ball game, I did not miss any catches, and had a couple of good hits, and realized you can wear glasses when playing baseball
After the game my friend Brandon invited me to his place.
While we were having some snacks, he asked me if he could try my glasses.
He told me he had always wanted to wear glasses, and wanted to find out how glasses feel and what you see.
I handed him my glasses and after he put them on said boy, they feel so nice on your face, I sure would like to wear glasses.
When he looked around said, I can t see to well, to bad,.
Well I am nearsighted, perhaps you are far sighted, do you read a lot?
No I don t, I get head aches when I read a lot.
Talk to your mother about an eye exam, it sounds to me you might get your wish.

A couple of days later, when I came downstairs to eat my breakfast, my mother asked me, where are your glasses?
I told her they were upstairs in my bedroom.
You know you have to wear glasses, now wear them!!
Make sure you put them on when you get up, and take them off when you go to bed.
I have to agree with my mother, I sure can see much better when wearing my glasses.
The next time I saw Brandon he told me his mother had made an appointment for an eye exam.
He wanted to know what happened during the exam, and could he fake it so he would be prescribed glasses?
I told him an eye exam is nearly fool proof now, the optometrist knows from a print out on a machine that you look into, the kind of prescription you will need.
I wished Logan good luck in getting his wish fulfilled.

I am now getting used to wearing glasses, and glasses are now becoming part of me.
With my improved vision and enjoying the feel of glasses on my face, I like wearing glasses now
The next time I saw Brandon he was all smiles.
He told me he was prescribed glasses, he is hyperopic, and has some astigmatism.
His glasses will be ready for pick up to morrow.

When we got together after Brandon got his glasses, we had fun trying each others.
Logan told me he gets an exciting feeling when he put his glasses on.
Do you get that feeling to?
I told him that I love the feel of glasses on my face, and yes I do get an exciting feeling sometimes,
but now know what to do about it.

At our next ball game, I had another good day and that makes me feel so good.
My dad is proud of me, I know it is because, I play so much better since I started to wear glasses.
At the start of the season I hated the thought of wearing glasses, now I am a happy glasses wearer.

When I started high school, was surprised how many guys wore glasses.
I am old enough now to appreciate looking at a good looking girl, and soon discovered that I prefer the looks of girls who wear glasses, they look studious and more mature.
I am doing well in high school and I am getting good marks, and wonder what I would like to be when I grow up.
Using the computer I have learned a lot about eyes and vision., a very fascinating subject.
I now realize that at my next eye exam, I can expect an increase in my prescription, because I have grown some more, and lately noticed I have to squint sometimes to see properly.

It is time for our eye exam, and I am now looking forward to it,
I expect an increase in my prescription and stronger lenses.
I did have a one diopter increase for both eyes in my prescription.
New glasses with a stronger prescription.
I cannot believe that a year ago I did not want to wear glasses, and now love my new
stronger prescription glasses.
A glasses fetish?
I think I have got the bug.
Cannot wait for my next eye exam and a little stronger prescription.
I notice every person who wears glasses, try to guess their prescription, and always notice girls who wear glasses.
I have seen almost every video of girls wearing glasses, and love to read about anything I can find about vision and glasses.
Going on a date with a glasses wearing girl, and go and see a movie, and swapping glasses.
I never realized glasses could be so much fun.
Complimenting people on their glasses, trying peoples glasses and talking about them.
I better study hard, so I can become an optometrist, or any other job that has to do with glasses.
I wont be satisfied with any other job.

I never hear my mother say anymore as before, you were prescribed glasses now wear them.
Believe it, I would not be without them now.
I love wearing glasses., I have a glasses fetish.